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Spesifikasi : Website JVC.
User manual : Website JVC.
Software : Aplikasi Android "JVC Smart Music Control".
Usefull link / update : Website JVC.
Update firmware : 15.07.2014.

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JVC Smart Music Control

Version 3 (Release Date: Jan 13, 2014)
JVC Smart Music Control(JSMC) is a free standalone music player application that can automatically create a music playlist in a unique way – such as by the “mood” that you are now in. And you can perform operations by either simple gesture control or by voice command.
JSMC is also an application that connects and controls compatible JVC car audio receivers via Bluetooth® like a wireless remote control.
This application can display a JVC car audio receiver’s source information on the smartphone’s screen, and enables the user to perform operations on the JVC car audio receiver as well.
And more, JSMC have HOME Launcher to launch the navigation app, to call from the contact list, or to launch the app that you registered.


You can command basic controls such as pause, skip or repeat simply by finger gesture operations on the screen of the smartphone. Also, you can make a search for a specific song, album or an artist from your playlist by voice with the built-in voice recognition function. You can use gesture and voice control in both modes: standalone music player and remote control application.
*Voice command : English/Spanish/German/French Only, Voice music search : Select language from your smartphone


JSMC analyzes all of your songs that are in your Android™ smartphone, and creates a playlist according to your mood. Once the application has completed the analysis of the songs, simply move the “mood ball” to your current mood, and this application will generate a list of songs that most fits your mood.
You can also make sound adjustments with the built-in 5 preset equalizer. You can also create and save 3 of your own EQ settings.


JSMC can display a JVC car audio receiver’s source information on the smartphone screen, and control the receiver by simple gesture controls or by voice command. This application uses Bluetooth® to communicate with the JVC car audio receiver.
And more, JSMC can interrupt the music while voice guidance of smartphone navigation app.


★Control by Gesture, Voice and Proximity sensor
★Browse and play music by songs, albums, artists, playlists, mood.
★Mood Blender generates playlist based on your selected mood.
★Customizable Equalizer with 5 presets and 3 user memories.
★Bluetooth Remote Control and Information Viewer of JVC car receiver
★SMS Reader
★Post to Twitter and Facebook
★Both Portrait mode and Landscape mode is available.
★Customize the Background
★HOME Launcher (Navi Shortcut, Phone Caller Applet, App Launcher)
★Navigation Voice Guidance Interruption
★Floating HOME button

This application does not guarantee full compatibility with all devices, even if system requirements are met.
System requirements:
  • Android™ 2.3 and above and Bluetooth® Serial Port Profile are required.
  • Gapless Playback: Android™ 4.1 and above
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Agar dapat terhubung dengan Aplikasi di atas diperlukan update firmware :

CD Receiver/ Digital Media Receiver Updates
Improved functions
Ver.0116 (15.07.2014)
  • Support for "Android Music Playback via USB".
  • Fixed the problem of no sound after starting the engine.


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