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Install the blower air filter

1) First open your glove box and empty the drawer.
2) Then push the left and right hand upper drawer stops inward to pass the sides of dash panel allowing the drawer to rotate down.
3) Newer 05-06 models may have a little shock absorber on the right side that needs to be unclipped from the drawer.
4) If necessary for space, disconnect the drawer hinge from the from the dash to allow the drawer it to drop out of the way.

Once the drawer is out of the way the fun begins.

Using a razor knife, cut out the blank plate.

Trim the edges free of all obstructions.

Slide the filter into the blower housing making sure you clip both sides.

Your done.
Reinstall the glove box drawer and enjoy dustless air!

Menurut om Apri, partnya bisa didapat dari Denso seharga 180rb :D

Ini ada lagi tapi bikin filter sendiri :

Sumber : ... f=7&t=2940

DIY Cabin Filter

For some background, read this thread:

Finally getting tired of eyes full of pollen and dust, I made a cabin filter that can be recreated for about $10 in less than an hour.

1) a square of "rabbit wire" from a hardware store:

You only need like an 8 inch square, so buy the smallest quantity you can, unless you happen to also be repairing a fence or something. Any stiff, open wire mesh will work. It just needs to be able to hold a shape.

2) HVAC filter--anything that is fiberglass or foam will work, just avoid pleated paper, as it's difficult to get it to seal against the sides of the fan housing. I used a two part filter that had a layer of fluffy fiberglass media and a thin layer of activated charcoal embedded in foam.

What to do:
1) Using an X-acto knife, razor blade or box cutter, cut out the panel as shown in the link above. It's really easy to do this, as the fan housing was clearly designed to have a filter in it (there are even mounting tabs on the sides of the dummy panel). Just be careful as the plastic in the rest of the housing is pretty brittle and probably really easy to crack.

2) Cut the wire mesh into a square, approximately 8 inches by 8 inches. You'll need to test fit in the fan housing until it fits right. There are two ledges inside the housing where the filter is supposed to sit, so it will be obvious whether you have it right. The point is to make sure that the wire mesh can't fall down into the blower.

3) Cut your filter material into a square that is one inch wider than the final size of the wire mesh--this extra margin is necessary to ensure that the filter seals around the edges of the housing.

4) Center the filter material on the wire mesh frame and attach it. I used a needle and thread and put a few loose stitches around the edges.

5) Slide the filter into the slot, wire mesh facing down. Make sure the filter seals properly around the edges.

6) Using duct tape, seal the hole in the housing where the dummy panel used to be. Note that this was the first time in my life that I ever used duct tape for its actual intended purpose--sealing a duct.

I have left these instructions pretty vague, since there are about a million different ways you could make this filter, but this seems to work well so far. I can actually smell that the air is cleaner because of the activated charcoal in the filter I used.
I didn't notice any difference in the amount of air coming out of the vents, but this may vary depending on what type of filtration you use. I think the filter also quieted the vents a bit.


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